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Hi I'm Jane, founder of Mama's Angels.


Back in 2015, whilst visiting a good friend after she had her baby at Epworth Freemasons, I treated her to a gorgeous Blow Wave which made her feel a million dollars. We thought what a great idea this would be to pamper the new mamas during their stay in hospital. My friends and the people who know me well thought this would be perfect for me as I’m very much a nurturer, love to make people feel good within themselves and I'm all about self care. So this is where the idea began...

With over 15 years experience in prestige salons in Melbourne, I have mastered the art of a good Blow Wave which could last up to a week - and is very important for new mamas who have their hands very full.

I also have experience in massage and love to pinpoint any unwanted tension throughout the Head, Shoulders and Feet, leaving you feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. On many occasions being said to have 'magic hands'.

I am committed to not just the service but someone to talk to and love to hear all about your birthing experience.

As a true nurturer at heart, I love nothing more than to make new mamas feel a little more like themselves again.